The Making of a Major Market Top?

For over a year now I have believed the U.S. stock market is going through a significant topping process. If this is indeed the case, we should start to get additional confirmation in the coming months.

One of the most bearish charts is QQQ, which formed a multi-year rising wedge and is currently retreating from resistance around the old 2000 highs. After breaking support last summer, it rallied back to support only to be rebuffed once again in classic bearish fashion.


The S&P chart can be read as either a rising wedge (bearish) or a rising channel (bullish). I have consistently viewed it as a wedge, which it broke down from last summer. In all of the (many) rallies, the 2100 area has provided consistent resistance. On the downside, 1850-ish provided support for two sharp pullbacks (one in 2014, and another in 2015), making for a sideways channel over the last year or two. Support from the rising channel comes into play around 1950.  It will be interesting to see if the S&P breaks out of this range in the coming months.


There are a couple of individual stocks which I have targeted as showing particularly bearish patterns. I noted QCOM some time ago. I have since covered my short, but continue to watch with interest as it is down nearly 50% from its 2014 high.


I also recently noted MMM, which is also breaking down from a long term rising wedge and appears to have been rebuffed after rallying to its old support


Another company that I strongly dislike for largely fundamental reasons is HLF. It may be putting the right shoulder in place for a multi-year head-and-shoulders pattern. It looks like it may fall to $30 from here, and would likely go much lower if the strong support at $30 fails to hold.


A stock that I have not shorted but am watching closely is HD. It has been a great couple of years for Home Depot, but they are dependent upon the housing market and enthusiastic DIYers. If the market takes a hit as I suspect it may, HD could be hit particularly hard. HD certainly has a chart that looks primed for a major selloff once support breaks.


Happy New Year and happy trading.


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