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Reading the Ponzi: 10/9/13

Here is a collection of recent reading material that has been interesting to me.  I have actually been much better about re-tweeting articles than getting them here, on the blog, just fyi (I think that .  Without further ado…

Monty Pelerin on “Politics as Crime,” a theme that I think is becoming increasingly apparent even to mainstream viewers.

Matt Tiabbi, one of my favorite political writers, recently focused his attention on the looting of public pension funds.   He followed it up with an amusing rebuttal to various protests against his initial article.

At some point in the next decade or so, my children will start to hit college age.  I am, and always have been (even as I attended), a believer that higher education is largely a scam.  Basically bought certification for skills can be learned as well or better on one’s own.  Charles Hugh Smith on, as he terms it, the needed revolution in “higher education.”


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