Reading on the Financial Markets: 7/15/13

I have for quite a while been meaning to articulate how I view the U.S. as experiencing not just a financial ponzi, but also a political ponzi (corporate/bureaucratic duopoly), and an ethical ponzi (short-sighted materialism).  But alas, I am too lazy or otherwise occupied to do so.  So I will just keep slipping some of my favorite non-financial ponzi reading into these lists.

Paul Craig Roberts wrote a fiery diatribe on The Burning Platform suggesting that, ultimately, revolution against our well-financed political class is unlikely to succeed by peaceful means alone.

An interesting read from Noahpion on the nature of belief, as applied to economics.

A list within a list.  Here’s a good compilation of articles on government spying from Washingtonsblog.

Charles Hugh Smith discusses an increasing divergence between an overworked private sector and an increasing group of chronically unemployed.  As startling as anything is this chart, as debt-driven growth looks increasingly tapped out:

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