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Reading on the Financial Markets: 6/12/13

On PragCap, Surley Trader suggests the world markets are closely watching (and copying) the Nikkei.  “Yen = Nikkei = expected inflation”, as he puts it.  I couldn’t agree more.

Of much greater interest to me is the Edward Snowden story.  Though it doesn’t tie directly to financial markets, I do see an associative correlation in the idea of central planning.  We see it in the markets and we see it on the societal level – the desire for authority to control that which they can’t.  It’s an urge as old as mankind.

As part of the same over-arching story, Matt Taibbi aptly addresses the Bradley Manning trial, pointing out that “If you can be punished for making public a crime, then the government doing the punishing is itself criminal.”

Charles Hugh Smith’s thoughts on the Surveillance State, as it is.

Here’s the Guardian’s account of how the story of Edward Snowden’s Big Reveal unfolded, along with a video interview.  One of the most influential books on my thinking is the Gulag Archipelago, which I read in my early 20’s.  Snowden’s comments at 7.30-ish are exactly in line with how Stalin oppressed Soviets, and it is the scenario that I believe is so worrisome.

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