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Daily on the Financial Markets: 5/8/12

John Rubino at Dollar Collapse sums up the Ponzi pretty well: “Unless continuously fed with new credit, the global financial system will implode. And when confronted with this possibility, governments will always respond with new credit.”  With the Socialist win in France, Rubino believes we’re in for another round of good ‘ol printing… err, credit.

From Marketwatch, at least the Bank of Japan is honest about what it’s buying (unlike the Fed), pouring almost $500M into ETF’s and REIT’s on Monday to little effect.

Zero Hedge on America’s burgeoning welfare state.  You know about food stamps, but check out the growth in Disabled Workers ?

At The Daily Reckoning, Addison Wiggin opines on the “serial bubble blowers” running the global economy.

The Reformed Broker, Josh Brown, incredulously wonders how 69% of the analysts covering the stock could have a “buy” on GMCR (Green Mountain Coffee).

I love small caps, and at Seeking Alpha Kurtis Hemmerling offers up 19 high-growth small cap prospects for your perusal.

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