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Daily Reading on the Financial Markets: 11/13/11

It’s official: Berlusconi is out in Italy.

From Zero Hedge, David Rosenberg hasn’t taken any of those happy pills Central Bankers are peddling.

AAII at Seeking Alpha notes that the AAII sentiment readings are the most bullish since
of this year, and least bearish since January.

Tony Pallotta at Macrostory says we have an inventory build to thank for the “recovery”, and it’s over.

From Zero Hedge, Europe plays the Ponzi.

  1. Richard
    November 13, 2011 at 8:41 am

    David Rosenberg is hands down the most astute economist out there. He brings credit to a professional field that has truly failed in so many aspects.

    I know that he got a lot of grief for being negative on equities during the bull market but his call about where to invest during that period was spot on – High Yield. He was pushing over-exposure to High Yield during ’09. High Yield doubled the return of equities during the run-up in 2009. As he stated many times in interviews, he wasn’t bullish on equities because he was bullish in other areas that he felt had greater value, this again being High Yield bonds.

    His other big call has been bonds. He is one if not the only economist that kept pushing US Gov’t and Investment Grade bonds the past couple of years and his call that the 10yr would drop to 2% received unmitigated howls of condemnation (Bill Gross, anyone?). If memory recalls, the 10yr went as low as 1.7% and now stands at 2.0%. Those that invested in bonds did very well.

    I highly recommend reading anything he puts out. It’s now almost impossible to get anything public ever since he started charging 1k/yr for his newsletter but every now and then something like the above article will come out.

    Thanks for the find. Great stuff!

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