Treasury yields ready to rise?

TBT (2x short 30-year Treasuries) has set up an interesting buying spot.  It broke violently to the upside of a bullish falling wedge a few weeks ago, then pulled all the way back to new lows, retesting the trendline it had broken above.  Today it bounced hard off that line.

An alternate reading of the chart could put TBT in a falling channel.  Either way, it looks like TBT has at least some upside.  In the very long term, Treasury yield have a 30 year bullish falling wedge in place.

It would seem that, someday, whenever that top resistance breaks, TBT will make owners a ton of money.  But we’re not flirting with anything so epic.  We’ll take a couple bucks if we can.

Speaking of bucks, the US Dollar had a similar breakout last week, a similarly dramatic pullback, and bounced off support today.

It would seem unusual for for yields (“risk-on”) and the US Dollar (“risk-off”) to rise simultaneously.  But it wouldn’t be first broken correlation…

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